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-Paul Friel - 26th State House District Candidate "Make the Match for PAUL FRIEL"

If current events have taught us anything, it's that in times of crisis, effective leadership is essential. There's no blueprint for how to run a campaign in a nationwide crisis, but one thing is certain -- true leaders step in to help their communities when they're needed. They step in even if the primary is a little over a month away and they know that they should be making calls to donors to raise the funds needed to run a campaign. And this is exactly what Paul Friel, our candidate for State Representative in the 26th district, has done. While Paul is out serving his community and making sure no families go hungry during this difficult time, his friends decided to step in because they believe in Paul and they believe he's the leader we need in Harrisburg.

Paul's friends were able to secure $1,000 in matching funds, which his campaign will receive if donors come through with $1,000 in contributions in the next 48 hours. Your donations will effectively be doubled during this time -- that $5 will turn into $10; that $100 will turn into $200. Your donations, both large and small, can be the change we need in Harrisburg.

Make your contribution through Paul's donation page,, and make sure you "like" his FB page, Paul Friel for PA. You can also mail a check for "Paul for PA" to 2102 Kimberton Rd, Unit 42, Kimberton, PA 19442. Paul's friends, his cheering squad, thank you for your support!

-Danielle Friel Otten - 155th State House Incumbent

-Chrissy Houlahan - PA 6th US Congress Incumbent

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