Going the (Social) Distance for Zone One

Get your run on for democracy in the Chester County Zone One Dems Virtual 5K Ending June 30th.


5k logo.png

How does a virtual 5K work? Pay your registration fee and complete the 5K run by June 30th. Once you've completed the run, email with your run time so that we can log your results. Don't forget, or we can't count your time! At the end of the day on June 30th, we'll compile times and the full list of results will also be posted on our website and FB, along with the families that participated in our Family Run/Walk.


The rules:

  • You can run the race as many times as you want, and submit your best time, as long as it gets to us by the end of June. All we ask is that you're honest and give us your real time!

  • Run in your basement on your treadmill, in your neighborhood, on an open trail...anywhere you can complete a 5K.

  • Track your time and distance using a pedometer (there are many free apps!). 5K is the equivalent of 3.1 miles.

  • Once completed, remember to email with your time. In the subject line, write "Virtual 5K - [NAME]."

  • Remember, running is like walking, only faster! This should be a no pressure activity and a way for us to get active -- above all, have fun!